• Wednesday, November 7, 2018


    Team Fitzgerald ran an incredible race. Thank you to all our neighbors, volunteers, family, friends, staff and people involved in this effort. We went from 14 points behind in a poll last year, to a general election with less than a 3 percent loss.


    Thank you to our partners for making the journey possible through donations, volunteerism and activism in the community. It has been a pleasure meeting thousands of Illinois State Senate 41st District voters in the past 14 months. I’m humbled to have earned over 45,000 of your votes.


    Thank you to the organizations and persons who supported our mission through endorsements: Chicago Sun –Times, Illinois Educators Association, Illinois Federation of Teachers, AFL- CIO, Sierra Club, Personal PAC, Citizens Action, Local 881 UFCW, Senator Dick Durbin and many more.


    Thank you to the Illinois Senate Democrats for support, mentorship and encouragement throughout this experience. The outreach from current and former State Senators is a testament to their empathy and enthusiasm for participation. Congratulations to John Curran on his victory. I’m optimistic for the future of Illinois.


    Throughout this campaign, I’ve learned resilience. In the face of challenges and hardships, it is our duty to be an example for others and complete the task. Thank you to my parents, siblings, nieces, nephews and the enormous support network who gave me the strength to finish the campaign. Public service is truly a sacrifice of a private life.


    The election is over, but we are all still neighbors. Let’s continue to participate, educate and celebrate democracy. To every Illinoisan, American and global citizen, let’s vote in every election and be thoughtful neighbors every day.


    Thank you for your support,


    Bridget M. Fitzgerald